Closed. Thus, Open.

I’ve always found it goofy to use the word “closed” to describe something that finally kicked off. Nevertheless, I’ll play along with convention this one time and note how thrilled I am to announce the Lowercase Capital has closed its latest fund: an $8.5 million pile of loot intended exclusively for awesome startups.

Our investing philosophy is sprinkled all over this site, so no sense spitting it onto this page as well. Furthermore, I will spare you the “at the end of the day Lowercase Capital pings you so we can think out of the box to get to a win-win while avoiding the sharp elbows and pivoting toward opening the kimono of the 800-pound gorilla to fire up his A-game” bullshit.

Nope. Instead, I just want to say how f’ing fortunate we feel to be doing what we do for a living, and grateful for all of your help. Thanks to all of our investors who entrusted their money to a guy who dresses like a mugged rodeo clown, and to our fine lawyers who reassured me I could get this done without having to shave or tuck in my shirt. Most importantly, thanks to all of the Lowercase portfolio entrepreneurs. Their energy gets me out of bed in the morning. (Figuratively, figuratively.)

With all of this paperwork nonsense behind us, I can’t tell you how eager I am to get back to work. Thirteen-year old me would have been disgusted to hear that. But, it’s true. So, if you are working on some hot shizz that you think could use our help, you know where to hit us. In the meantime, you can keep tabs on Lowercase in the Tweets. Also, now that I no longer need a securities lawyer’s permission before endeavoring to form complete sentences, I might even post some half-baked notions here on this blog from time to time.

For now, thanks to all of you,


(Did that end up being more than 140 characters? Seems close.)

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